Best dress to accentuate your waist

Before buying a new dress make sure it suits you well. Our shops are always full of different dresses which come in various shapes and colors, so you should learn more about your body type and which palette of colors suit you the best. There are four body types, such as apple with heavy top, pear with heavy bottom, hourglass with narrow waist and rectangular with same waist and hips size. Once you have defined your body type, it is high time you went to the clothes shop. Choosing the right dress pay attention to belts and other accessories. In case you have an apple body type, pick up dresses with accent on the waist and bright colored skirts. If you are a “pear”, you’d better choose revealing dresses and wear the necklace on your neck. When it comes to a straight body type, the right dresses you’ll need are those with covered shoulders and wear a belt just above the waist. And the last and the luckiest owners of the hourglass type of body can pick almost all models of dresses and accentuate their narrow waist with the help of the belts and bright accessories.

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