Plan your shopping tour

Shopping in Madrid, as well as in all of Spain, is not only pleasant, but also very profitable affair, especially in the season of summer and winter sales. Periods from January 7th to March 6th and from 1st July to 31st August are favorite times for true shopaholics. During these periods, prices on branded items and appliances go down up to 90%.

Thus, the winter sales in Madrid in 2013 took place from January 1st to March 31st. Naturally, the further away from the New Year date - the smaller the range of products, so that although the interval is large enough, but it is more logical to go there right after the holidays – when all the products are still in stock, and the price on the flight is not as high as in top time. Summer sales in Madrid in 2013 took place from June 21st to September 21st. Similarly to winter sales, the range of assortment is reduced closer to the last date. Visit the community to choose from short term rentals Madrid for comfortable staying during your shopping time.